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Whether it's coding up a responsive landing page in HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap, or whether it's adding that extra spark with JavaScript and jQuery, I've got it covered.


I have experience working with NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB to create a fast and robust Back-end experience. Version control with Git is also a must!

Problem Solving

I pride myself on being able to think logicially, work mathematically, and adapt contstantly to the ever-changing world of development. I love a challenge!


Check out my latest projects and code snippets.

NodeJS API Projects

NodeJS API Projects

NodeJS and MongoDB

Game of Simon

Simon Game

CSS3 and JavaScript

Game of Tic-Tac-Toe


JavaScript and jQuery

App to search and view Wikipedia articles

Wikipedia Viewer

JavaScript and MediaWiki API

Local Weather app

Local Weather

jQuery and Dark Sky API

Screenshot of portfolio website

More Projects

Check Out Older Projects Here

About Me

Want to learn a little bit about me?

Hi I'm Matt, a full-stack web developer from Brisbane, Australia. A few years ago I completed a Bachelor of Science (Physics) at the University of Wollongong, but now I have transitioned into building responsive and user-friendly web apps. This year I have completed a Front-end Development Certification at freeCodeCamp, which I enjoyed tremendously, and right now I am working through the Back-end curriculum.

Through this site I am so excited to share with you everything that I have been working on. I hope you find something interesting! Along with coding my main passions are for music and pop culture.

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